0-1 year Her first toy

Clinging to your chest, caressing your face or holding a toy, your baby is learning about the functions of her hands. This development and that of her brain are closely linked, and that is why the early stimulation of her five senses is so important.

Your baby evolves day after day. After a first month of life guided by reflex movements, she begins to hold on and let go voluntarily. When something catches her attention, she will do everything possible to reach it and put it in her mouth. It is her natural way of discovering the environment that surrounds her. dëna is a toy and a teether all in one, united in an innovative concept. It is made of platinum-based silicone, a soft, resistant material, and 100% safe. This material is used to make dummies, baby bottles and teethers of the highest quality.

dëna educational toys stimulate the baby, encourage crawling and help her in her psychomotor development. But don’t forget that you are her biggest stimulus: talk to her, kiss her and hug her as much as possible

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Her first toy

Teether and playmate, all in one. Thanks to its soft material and its design, with dëna KID 1x + dëna HOUSE 1x your baby will begin to stimulate her creativity from the first day. She will spend the day experimenting, playing and chewing safely. With dëna, her first toy is very fun, very safe and very useful for psychomotor development.

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Su primer juguete - Dëna, juguetes para una diversión infinita

Infinite combinations

dëna is a fantastic construction game, the ideal context for creating stories and even the perfect inspiration for her first maths lessons. With dëna toy packs, colourful figures for stacking, play is always creative. Your children will enjoy themselves while developing fine motor skills.

Pack 6 Piezas - Nuestro Juguete - Dena, juguetes para una diversión infinita

dëna KID 6x


dëna TREE 6x


dëna HOUSE 6x


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