dëna Magic Flip Nature

dëna magic flip is fun!

It’s a square that turns into a butterfly, a triangle that turns into a clover, a heart that turns into a leaf, and a star that turns into a flower.

Each figure changes shape when turned inside out, stimulating the curiosity and motor skills of a baby. In the flip challenge, they will naturally learn to use their little fingers as they play. Also, when you hold down on the butterfly, it turns into a robot, a worm, and many other shapes.

Creativity is stimulated by imagining more and more shapes. And the “feeling of accomplishment” that comes from shapeshifting encourages fun as well as language and communication.

From around 1 year old to adults, you will be able to stack, organize and combine the dëna magic flips, playing with balance, symmetry, color or shape. You can also compose beautiful mandalas, promoting concentration and perseverance..

Thanks to its soft silicone material, if you drop it on the ground, it makes no noise and is very safe, even if you step on it or drop it. Also, dëna can get wet, so you can play with them in the bathtub. If it gets dirty, it can be washed with water, so it is very easy to clean even if you use it for sand play or as stamps with washable paint.


Info & care

100% platinum-based silicone
BPA, PVC, latex and phthalate free.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Hand wash


The ideal toy for all stages of a child’s development

dëna toys are designed to entertain and have fun with, to encourage imagination and creativity, and at the same time contribute to the psychomotor development of the child.
The safety of dëna toys enables the child to play freely. Freedom in the way children play and express themselves is vital for their future development.


Her first toy

Finally, a truly original teether. Stimulating colourful shapes made using a soft, resistant, practical and safe material.


100% safe play

dëna educational toys are ideal at this stage because thanks to their soft and resistant material your child can bite them, hit them, step on them, throw them or get them wet.


Playing and learning

With dëna she will learn to classify by form and colour, develop language by naming the shapes and build her first constructions.


Playing together

This is a time for creativity and free play. dëna makes it very easy to foster these invented games, where anything is possible.


Creative constructions

Making up stories, grouping elements in a logical way, practicing mathematics… With dëna, a world of games full of possibilities is born.


Cooking together as a family

With dëna you can prepare and bake delicious cupcakes together as a family. They are suitable for the microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge and freezer.